KEGO Corporation distributes a large number of product lines in Canada, most on an exclusive basis.  In order to provide "One Stop Shopping", KEGO also enhances our product line with non-exclusive products, filling the needs of many companies.  Below is a list of manufactures that KEGO now distributes for.

AG Industries
AG Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of filters used by the Home Healthcare Industry. These filters include CPAP Machines, Concentrators, Suction Equipment, and Compressors. view products
Air Lift
Air Lift specializes in the design and manufacture of light-weight carriers for liquid and cylinder oxygen systems to help maintain patients freedom. view products
More than 50 years ago Ambu developed the world's first self inflatable resuscitation bag.  Today they continue to develop, produce, and market diagnostic and life supporting devices for the healthcare industry. view products
Ambu Sleepmate
Sleepmate is a division of Ambu that specializes in Sleep Diagnostic Sensors for the sleep diagnostic industry. view products
Beaumont-Citrus II
Beaumont Products, Inc., is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of citrus-based air fresheners, specialty cleaners and personal care products to retail, commercial and institutional markets. Products used in the home healthcare marketplace include their CITRUS II CPAP Mask Cleaner, and Room Air Deodorizers. view products
KEGO Corporation distributes oxygen cylinders manufactured by Catalina Cylinders. These cylinders meet all regulations required for sale in Canada. view products
Contour Products Inc. specializes in body support systems which enhance the alignment of the spine.  These products range from pillows, mattress pads, neck support, and even mattress lifts.  Check out the new CPAP Mask Pillow, with "pressure free" zones, leaving room for CPAP interfaces. You won't go wrong with a product from Contour. view products
For over 25 years, Mavidon has specialized in developing products for the application of electrode leads. view products
PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc. is a progressive company focused on using science, innovation and technology to design, manufacture and distribute efficient aerosol delivery products for patients with respiratory diseases.  PARI is well known for their LC Series of High Efficient Reusable Nebulizer, including the LC Plus, LC Star, and the new LC Sprint.  PARI also manufactures a line of ... view products
Precision Medical
Precision Medical Inc. manufactures respiratory products including, the "World's Smallest" oxygen regulators, portable liquid oxygen systems, air-oxygen blenders, oxygen conserving devices, nebulizer compressors, battery operated & AC suction, air compressors, vacuum regulators and flowmeters. Directed towards the homecare marketplace, Precision markets the EasyPulse5 OCD, EasyMate l ... view products
Pro-Tech by Phillips Respironics develops, manufactures and supplies quality sensors to the diagnostics field. view products
LouSal Enterprises markets CPAP Moisture Therapy™, and RoEzIt Dermal Care, products which are specially formulated to maintain soft skin and eliminate discomfort from dry/cracking skin from extended use of CPAP or Oxygen Therapy. view products
Salter Labs
Salter Labs specialize in the manufacture of a full line of oxygen soft goods, including nasal cannula, nebulizers, masks, and tubing. view products
Virox Technologies Inc. has pioneered the broader acceptance of Hydrogen Peroxide based products with a patented technology known as Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP). AHP is a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide produce exceptional potency as a germicide and performance as a cleaner. They market the brand name "Accel& ... view products